Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Who Should Govern Lure Coursing In Canada?

*Well, things are certainly gathering steam in the Lure Coursing community regarding the CKC new adopted fees for events; especially if you happen to be a non-member of the CKC. 

Dissatisfaction with the way the CKC has handled the financial affairs of the club and an underlying symptom of bad management of Lure Coursing in General. The CKC simply is not interested in Lure Coursing! Period. 

It has been suggested that Lure Coursing in Canada go back to its original roots of the CSFA (Canadian Sighthound Field Association). Disassociate from the CKC and go back to holding trials under CSFA rules. 

What do you think?

*Please be aware that the thoughts and comments are those of the writer and do not reflect in any way what ALCA may think

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